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Pubcast 200 – Bicentennial Show

It is our 200th pubcast, and we are celebrating in the Brit and Yankee studios with many of our friends from over the years.  Our guests include tavern owners, beer servers, beer historians, brewers, and beer experts…oh, and beer consumers!
Joining Mark Naski and Phil Clark are Chuck Fort (Church Street), Ken McMullen (Hopvine Brewing), John Bittermann, Jon Harlson, John Karwoski, and live by Skype, the original Yankee, Mike Lingafelter.  Plus we have a couple of congratulatory messages from Sketchbook, Cademon, and Miskatonic breweries.

The Landlord has selected 8 beers that are examples of the range of brews from Illinois suburban breweries (with the exception of one from downtown), and we have a marathon tasting session. Opinions vary, and what we do find out is that there is a style for everyone.
Thanks to all who have listened over the years, we hope that we have educated, informed and entertained.  Here’s to the next 200 shows!  Cheers!

NOTE: this is a bumper edition, which we preface with our PSA, so listen carefully and don’t exceed your intake…spread it over a couple days!

Brews we taste:
Cahoots Brewing, Krule Summer, Kolsch Style Ale   5.2%, 20 IBU
Noon Whistle Brewing, Guave Gose Smack  3.8%
Cademon Brewing, Tropical Kingpin, Hefeweizen with Pineapple 5.5%
Lena Brewing, Scrap Iron, Black IPA ​7% 60 IBU
Hubbards Cave, Fresh IPA v1, Double/Imperial IPA 9.0%
Galena Brewing, Cortes, Barrel-aged Brown Ale 11%
Noon Whistle Brewing, Bob Ross Did It, Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale 10.1%, 1 year later
Flesk Brewing, 2nd Anniversary Ale, Belgian Strong Ale 9.8%, 2 years later

Play the show from our player below, or from SoundCloud…

Pubcast 199-2 In Absentia – Instant Brew Reviews

Another week of vacation time for the staff of the Brit and Yankee, and we continue to fill in with a couple of short shows of Instant Brew Reviews.  Mark and Phil come across a variety of brews on their travels, and we’d like to share them with you, and give you our opinions and comments on them.  If you come across them as well, drop us a line at and we’d like to hear your thoughts as well.  Cheers!

This edition, a couple of beers from Lincoln, NE.

Blueblood Brewing Co., 925 Robbers Cave Road, Lincoln, NE 68502
Kompagnon Kolsch,  ABV: 4.2%   IBU: 15
Brewery description: Pronounced like “Companion” and German for ‘Buddy’ or ‘Pal’, this German style ale was brewed by one of our investors with a strong German background (come on, his name is Stortenbecker).  It follows the German Purity Law – Reinheitsgebot and is a tribute to man’s best crime fighting buddy, the K-9.  Enjoy a nice clean, light bready sweetness with a crisp hint of citrus on the finish.
Grains: 2- Row, Wheat, Hops: Hallerfauer Mittelfrueh

Zipline Brewing Co., 2100 Magnum Circle, Ste 1, Lincoln, NE 68522
Copper Alt, ABV 5.2%,  26 IBUs
Brewery Description:  2015 GREAT AMERICAN BEER FESTIVAL® · GOLD MEDAL · GERMAN-STYLE ALTBIER.  A hybrid style between an ale and a lager, this bronze-hued brew goes down easy with subtle nuances of chocolate and hazelnut.

Play the show from our player below, or from SoundCloud…

Pubcast 174 – Bitter Mann!

An exceptional show tonight as we welcome to the pub studio, John Bitterman, together with co-host and BJCP judge Mark Naski who provide entertainment and education on a few beer styles that we taste tonight.
Mark brings back from his trip to Florida a European styles he likes a lot, a Kolsch called Der Chancellor brewed by Twisted Trunk Brewing in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
John comes bearing his namesake brew from 51st Ward, Bitter Mann. This is an English IPA and we feature it as our Style of the Week.
To end up the pubcast, we have a local collaboration beer from Transient Ales and The Beer Cellar called Neckbeard Nectar.  It’s an Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Vanilla, Coconut, and Molasses which BC owner Dave Hawley brewed up with Transient and was a rare favorite that came out at the holiday season.

Pubcast 159 – We’ve hit Rock Bottom!

Continuing with a seasonal theme, in this edition we talk with Rock Bottom brewers Ray Gonzalez and Shanya Polowczak, at the Warrenville location, and discover great things are brewing over there for Oktoberfest.

Also, a new segment, Style of the Week, where we feature a BJCP style each week and learn more about it from Mark Naski.  This edition is Kolsch, and Mark tells us all about the roots of this brew, and we taste Three Floyd’s Calumet Queen as a sample.

All this and we finish with a barrel aged Shipwreck Baltic-style Porter from Arcadia Brewing in Michigan, and agree this is one to put on your tasting list.