Pubcast 251 – Mad Swede and Barrel of Monks

A strange show title but these are the names of the two breweries we are sampling in this show. From opposite ends of the country, Mad Swede is out of Boise ID., and Barrel of Monks is down in Boca Raton, FL.

Our panel today comprises the entire staff of the Brit and Yankee pub, Brewmaster Mark, Cellarmaster Lingo, and of course The Brit – the band’s back together! And joining us for the biggest panel we have ever had is tavern owner John Karwoski, and listeners Tim and Tom (fresh from the barleywine tasting in the last show), and to add the subtleties of the female palate, we welcome  Lisa G.

Mad Swede brews are:
Freya’s Pale from Exertion, ABV:5.5% IBU: 45
Longship IPA, ABV 6.2%,  IBU 65
Naked Sunbather Nut Brown Ale, ABV: 5.8% IBU: 30

Barrel of Monks brews are:
2017 Father Christmas, Holiday Spiced Belgian Strong Dark Ale, ABV: 10% IBU
Parade of Souls, Belgian Style Imperial Stout, ABV: 10%
Witty in Pink, Belgian Wit with Raspberries and Beets, ABV: 5.5%

Play from our Blubrry player below:

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