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Pubcast 210 – Adjunctivitis: A Brewer Panel Discussion

This episode sees Mark and Phil heading down to Blue Nose Brewery in Hodgkins, IL, to join up with Tim Hoerman from 51st Ward Beer Company and Andrew Nordman from Cademon Brewery, for an intense discussion on beer adjuncts.
What is an adjunct?  How do consumers see them, or even know them?  Are they good for craft beers?

Tim threw down the brewing gauntlet to Andrew at a brewfest one day to have him come and discuss his love for brewing with adjuncts. They made it interesting by each of them brewing an opposite beer – Andrew had to provide a base beer, and Tim one with adjuncts.  Andrew brought ‘Too Broke For Adjuncts’, his porter which forms the base for ‘Eve’s Tuition’, his Peanut Butter Porter.  Tim responded by adding coconut and almond to his Krispy Karl Imperial Stout, producing ‘Almond Joy’.
Joining these four are host brewers from Blue Nose, Jordan Isenberg and Justin Martin.  And to provide a publican view, John Karwoski from John’s Tavern in Winfield gives us his insight into what sells.  Mark gives technical moderation, and Phil consumes the beer.

It’s a lively and interesting insight into how brewers think, and we hope you enjoy it despite a slight amount of echo provided by the cavernous environs of Blue Nose.

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Pubcast 209 – Nevin’s Brewing Co.

This edition focuses on a conversation with NBC Brewmaster Marc Wilson.

Phil and Mark visited with Marc on ‘National Learn to Homebrew’ day, when Marc was entertaining the Spent Grain Society at Nevin’s brewery in Plainfield.  We arrived in time for a firkin of porter being tapped and then sat down to talk with the GABF Bronze medal winner to find out more about Marc the brewer, and to taste some of his flagship beers.

Our samples included:
Hook and Hatchet, Vienna lager, 5.0%
Red in the Face, American Red, 7.2%
Apocalyptinator, Doppelbock, 8.4% (GABF Bronze medal winner)
Wishful Thinking, Belgian Dark Ale, 11.0%

Listen in following this for a bonus interview with Ian Webster, president of the Spent Grain Society, who with some of the members was brewing up a batch of porter for ‘Learn to Homebrew’ day.

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