2018 Brewbus – House Rules and Legalese

Greetings BrewBus riders!

First, let’s be clear on what this little outing is and isn’t…
It IS NOT a major pubcrawl, or as we Brits would say, a piss-up!
It IS a chance for everyone to experience new breweries that might be a little out of the normal drinking and driving reach, and a chance to learn some more about craft beer and breweries. We want to thank your local Wheaton brewery, Dry City Brew Works for the opportunity to help sponsor this event – go visit them and help support Independent Craft Brewing!

We want to make sure you enjoy the ride, enjoy the brews, and enjoy the company, all safely and responsibly. If DCBW will forgive me referencing another breweries house rules (Metal Monkey in Romeoville), I’m highlighting rule #1, and #3 in particular as below.

OK, base rules established, here’s a few more legalities we need you to read, and if you get on the bus, you have agreed to and accepted them…so don’t come whining back later that you didn’t know about them!

The Rules of the Road

  1. Dry City Brew Works, it’s employees and anyone associated with the brewery in anyway, is not responsible for any injuries caused on the trip, on the bus, or at the destinations – you are all grown people !
  2. The Brit and Yankee Podcast staff, are also not responsible for any injuries caused on the trip, on the bus, or at the destinations – see #1, and then reread #1 and #2!
  3. If you want to bring your own water or adult beverages on the bus, feel free to do so. Keep the containers small as there is not a lot of overhead space. Adult beverages do not include hard liquor – this is not permitted.
  4. The schedule of boarding times will be published to all, and if you miss the bus for whatever reason, then it’s a very high-priced Uber ride back from Indiana…or you miss the whole trip because you couldn’t get your sorry-butt up on Saturday morning. We don’t wait around because we have to pay extra after our 8 hours are up!
  5. When you visit the breweries, the staff will be working hard to provide your samples or pints – serving 30 people at once is stressful. Be patient!
  6. You are responsible for leaving tips for the brewery wait staff, or anyone else you feel deserves a tip. You’d do it if you went there on your own. See #1 of the House Rules.
  7. See #4 of House Rules – don’t steal the brewery shit – if you want extra goodies pay for them as in the normal economic structure of business transactions!
  8. All of the breweries we will be visiting serve food, and we hear it’s darn good food. We have allowed 75 minutes per brewery but if you want to spend more time at one and you don’t mind walking to the next one you are very welcome to do so. See #4 above for time management.
  9. We will ask the driver to take us from one brewery to the next, but you are welcome to walk if you want. From #1 brewery to #2 brewery is no more than 4/10ths mile, or about a 6-7 min walk. You may want to ride from #2 to #3 brewery, as it is nearly a mile so the bus is a better options there.  Again, see #4 of this list for time management.
  10. The more geographically-oriented among you may have noticed that we are starting in the middle and working north then south – we have a reason for this and it is at the request of the breweries and when they can handle our numbers. So don’t question this with the organizer – see HR #1!
  11. Payment is requested in full before you get on the bus. Most of you will have paid in advance, but if something happens that you cannot come on the trip, it is up to you to tell us, so we can resell your seat and refund your money.  If that works out, then we are good otherwise sorry, you going to be down $75. We have fixed costs and to enable us to keep the price as low as possible, we have to guarantee certain amounts. Thank you for understanding. If you welch on this in anyway, we will be sending the men round to nail your head to a coffee table.
  12. Everyone needs to visit Facebook for Dry City and the Brit and Yankee Podcast and LIKE them – no exceptions!
  13. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY, AND DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE TO AND FROM THE EVENT – that’s what taxis, trains and Uber are for!
  14. Had to add #14 as we don’t like 13 in a list…  HAVE FUN!

That’s it folks, seems like a lot but we doing this because we love craft beer, not to make money.  It’s all about the small guys!

The Schedule

Subject to change, but it probably won’t by much!

Dry City Brew Works Location

Griffith IN, Brewery Trinity

Need to send us an email?  pints@thebritandyankee.com

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