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Pubcast 304 – Riverlands Brewing

Listen in with The Brit, Phil Clark, and guest co-host and Church Street brewer, Chuck Fort as we get an exclusive look at the latest suburban brewery to join the growing population in the Fox River corridor. Riverlands Brewing in St. Charles opens their doors on Friday, March 16, ready for the St. Patrick’s weekend, and co-owner/head brewer Eric Bramwell, and co-owner/”future”-assistant brewer Dave Marck sat down with us to talk about their story and of course, we sample some of their brews that will be on tap for the opening weekend.

This new brewery spares no expense to make great classics, new styles, and plenty of them, with a nod to as much local decor and local ambiance as they can. They are just part of a team of 5 family and friends, who are all super-approachable, humble as to their roots and the recognition of the craft brewer population who have helped them get to where they are now.

They also have brought on-board Jeremy Teel as tap-room manager, and for those who know Jeremy from past locations, you know his expertise will flow over into the front-of-house operations. So, whether you go the opening weekend or not, put it on your list for a visit! And with the English Pub Mild on tap, and Dave a Tottenham supporter just like The Brit, maybe we’ll see more English pub games and Premier League early Saturday mornings…I’m working on convincing them!

The Brews we sampled:

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Pubcast 303 – Lager Louts

We missed a week, but we’re back for a show that is focusing on the lighter side of craft beer. We ask if there is there a resurgence of lager styles pending for 2019, or will hazy and brut IPAs remain the trend? We pick 6 samples from Illinois breweries and discuss if these are worth putting into your fridges for everyday drinking, or just when you need something cleaner, and less hop-infused.

Joining The Landlord, Phil Clark, is guest co-host and brewer from Church Street, Chuck Fort. Making up the menage-a-lager is ex-tavern owner and friend of the show, John Karwoski.

We delve into the finer points of lagering, what the difference is from ale, discuss why ‘best by’ dates are important, describe lagers as ‘swiggable’, and make some arbitrary judgments on all of our random samples.

The Brews Reviewed are:

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