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Hops Against 19: Episode 1

During these extraordinary times, where we are all in self-isolation or enforced lockdown, The Brit has got together with some craft beer industry chums to share some stories of the industry in the Chicago area. Jay Rosicky of Malted Tales, and Ken McMullen, brewer from Hopvine Brewing in Aurora fought their way through the technicalities of recording Skype video, and we are producing short, ad-hoc videos focusing on positivity from local breweries.  Not essential in the light of the serious situation, but we hope it lightens the load for some.

That’s it, no hidden agenda, just folks getting together for a beer! Cheers!


NOTE: We will be suspending audio podcasts until we can figure out how to record with a widely dispersed audience.

Pubcast 345 – It’s Not All Green For The Irish!

Brother Chimp Brewing is in the House! Steve Newman, owner/brewer of Brother Chimp suggested to The Brit that he bring in two of his beers which will be on tap when they open in a few weeks, and joining him in the pub was his taproom manager, Jessica Voigt.
Never one to turn down donations, The Brit agreed and invited a couple of other chums to join the panel for this recording, so Chuck Fort from Church Street brought his offering. Also on hand was the original ‘Yankee’, Mike ‘Lingo’ Lingafelter and beer-nerd Tom Ryan.

Steve is currently contract brewing out of Logan Square’s Pilot Project, so is able to self-distribute out to selected locations to get his beer out there, and two of these are his Irish Red and dry Irish Stout. He brought in samples of these for our review and we also found a couple more locally produced Reds, and then put Steve’s stout up against a couple of classics. And we try to pour a black and tan using Steve’s brews with mixed results!

As usual we have plenty of craft beer conversation and pub chat on many unrelated topics, including the best way to beat your eggs for an omelette! Listen in and then get ready to head out to the brewery to drink it fresh from the taps!

Brews Sampled:

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Pubcast 344 – Doris and Rick Kennay of Kennay Farms Distilling

The podcast team of Phil ‘The Brit’ Clark, and Hopvine Brewing’s Ken McMullen headed west on I-88 to the small town of Rochelle IL. Located in the old Hub Theater is Kennay Farms Distilling. Doris and Rick Kennay have restored the old theater and turned it into a thriving distillery that includes a small brewing operation to ensure all tastes are accommodated.

This episode takes The Brit into uncharted territory as ‘hard’ liquor isn’t usually something the podcast focuses on, so understanding how the process is the same, or differs, from the brewing process is enlightening. We talk about how the long-established farming family  began this endeavor,  and how it fits into their agricultural business. There is talk of the barrels, where they come from and the rules associated with using them. It’s a crash course in the basics of running a distillery and how you need patience for this long-term project.

Rick and Doris have a fascinating story to tell, so if you’d like to take a weekend drive this is a great place to head out to and take one of their tours. And if you don’t drink spirits, we’ve sampled their brews and they are also worth the trip! Cheers!

Brews Sampled:

  • Mother Hen, Hefeweizen infused with hibiscus, 6.1%
  • Cakes On The Griddle, Sour with vanilla,
  • Cherries Jubilee, Stout, 9.0%
  • Farmer’s Basket, Gose infused with strawberries and hibiscus, 4.5%

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