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Hops Outside: Ep. 26 – Grumpy, Stoned, and Here For Looks

In this July 4th-edition of our virtual happy hour series “Hops Outside”, Ken McMullen and The Brit visit with 3 Chicago-area breweries, who have just released an intriguingly named brew. Seeing this as an opportunity to get them altogether, we have gathered Mik Dempsey and Ben Sampson from Dry City Brew Works, Alex Drayer from D and G Brewing, and JD Heinrich for The Forge Brewhouse for some socially distanced beers and chat!

Their new release, “Grumpy, Stoned and Here For Looks“, is perfect drinking for the summer if you are looking for something with a little bite, a classic profile, and a touch of sweetness. This is a farmhouse ale with honey, and we talk to the lads about the making of it. We learn about JD’s background, and how each of them doing in this phase-4 period, and their expectations for the future.

We had some technical challenges when the Zoom connection drops, and we had to finish the recording from a different device! We persevered and got through it for a fun time with this ‘ménage à brew’!

This edition is video only, and please check out our YouTube channel for more episodes. Cheers!