Hops Outside: Ep. 25 – It’s not all Sanitizer at Church Street!

Church Street Brewing in Itasca had long been a friend of the podcast almost since it’s inception nearly 6 years ago. We have been lucky enough to have Chuck Fort, their head brewer, come onboard as one of the podcast co-hosts and we’ve had many recording sessions at the Brit & Yankee studios…up until March of 2020! Then the Covid-19 virus hit, and we had to lockdown along with the rest of the country. The Brit checked in with Chuck on a curbside beer run, but the conversation was short. So, we thought it might be time to check in with him for an extended look at what’s new at CSB!

Joining us in this virtual happy hour Zoom chat is the podcast’s other co-host, Ken McMullen from Hopvine Brewing, and the ‘band’ is back together again! CSB’s marketing manager and all-around whirlwind personality, Jace Rhea joins us later in the videocast  and we find out what was more important than drinking a brew with us!

We are all drinking CSB brews, and checkout 4 of the newest additions to the CSB line-up, which are departures from the ‘classic’ styles they are known for. Chuck tells us what area of the market they are targeting with their fruited styles, and shows why he isn’t in sales! Plus we get the story on Chuck’s beer can collection as he shows off some of his collection.

This edition is another video/audio extended edition, so check out our YouTube channel, and then look for the extended audio podcast later this week. Cheers!

Brews Sampled:

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