Pubcast 203 – Exit Strategy Brewing Co

Chris Valleau is the owner/brewer for ESBC, and together with his wife Katherine, he brought craft beer and great food to Forest Park. The brewery sits on the northern boundary of Madison St, with River Forest on the other side of the road (so look for the even numbers on the south side when you head out there!), and presents a very comfortable environment to try Chris’s brews.

In this episode, Phil flies solo (while Mark is out on one of his trips), and chats with Chris about his 18-month old venture, and how he produces such solid, to-style beers, including the legendary-named DIPA, Judgmental Dick.
Topics and samples are free-flowing, and we definitely recommend a visit, plus keep your eyes open for locations carrying their lineup.  Check out the brew lineup on their website.

Play the show from our player below, or from SoundCloud…

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