Pubcast 240 – Northwest to Alaska

Sometimes you need some friends to bring you back beers you would never get to try otherwise. That’s what this episode is about as Mark Naski returns from the wilds of Idaho, and brings with him a six-pack of goodies from the Northwest and Alaska.

He brings 3 brews from Redmond, WA, and 3 from Alaskan breweries, and Chuck Fort, John Karwoski and the Brit get together to sample them all.  We find that we get one bad beer due to the travel logistics, 4 great beers, and one superb brew.

Here’s the rundown of beers we sampled:

Postdoc Brewing, Redmond WA, PreReq Pale Ale, 5.5%, 40 IBUs
Black Raven Brewing, Redmond WA, Second Sight Strong Scotch Ale, 6.9%, 34 IBUs
Mac & Jack, Redmond WA, Maxx Stout, 5.5% (apologies to M&J – this did not travel well, so we did not rate and marked it as so in our review!)
Arkose Brewery, Palmer AK, Bitter Earth ESB, 5%, 26 IBUs
Bearpaw River Brewing, Wasilla AK, Frontiersman IPA, 7.0%, 60 IBUs
Midnight Sun Brewing, Anchorage AK, Monk’s Mistress Special Dark Ale, 11.5%, 13 IBUs

Play the show from our player below, or from SoundCloud…

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