Pubcast 247 – Wicked Weed Spot Check

Once upon a time begins all good fairy tales, but in the case of Asheville NC brewery, Wicked Weed, has the fairy tale come to an end? At the beginning of 2017, this was one of the new craft breweries who other independents were clamoring to collaborate with, and which was a destination brewery for many outside of North Carolina. Their brews were new, exciting, and highly-prized. But then at the beginning of May, A-B announced the purchase of Wicked Weed, who would join their High End business unit along with Illinois mainstay Goose Island and many others.

This began a vilification of Wicked Weed among independent breweries and craft drinkers alike. Taprooms stopped selling their beer, collaborations ended, and craft beer drinkers posted to their blogs that they would never drink another Weed again.

The Brit had already got Wicked Weed on his list of breweries to visit when he and the lovely Kimberlee, headed down to Asheville for vacation at the end of May. Was the fuss warranted? Would the brews be forever damaged? Should an embargo continue on this brewery? The Brit and Yankee Pubcast has assembled a panel of consumers and brewers in this edition to find out. Joining The Brit are Hopvine brewer Ken McMullen, Church Streets’ Chuck Fort, Midwest Brewer Fest President Kevin Herbst, and pal of the show, Tom Ryan.

We have 4 Wicked Weed brews to sample while we chat, and of course as this was recorded at the Brit and Yankee Pub studio, there’s plenty of other topics covered, and a bonus beer sampled at the end.

Wicked Weed brews sampled:
Garcon de Ferme, Brettanomyces Farmhouse Ale Fermented with Peaches, 6.2%
Medora, American Sour with Blackberries and Raspberries, 6.6%
Marina, American Sour Ale with Peaches and Apricots, 6.5%
Rubus Viola, Barrel-Aged American Sour Ale Fermented with Boysenberries and Violet, 7.6%

Bonus Beer:
Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City, Cabernet Cask Imperial Stout, 13.2%

Play the show from our player below, or from SoundCloud…

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