Pubcast 252- Nevin’s Midnight Pig

In this episode, we sit down with Nevin’s Brewing‘s Marc Wilson, the day after they hold a re-branding event where the Midnight Pig Beer line is introduced. We explore a different side of running a brewery, that of marketing and branding, and when is it the right time to make that big step.

We’re also joined by assistant brewer, Cory Davidson, for a conversation punctuated by tasting some sample brews from the new range. We discuss their packaging approach and like all good pub chats, we throw in a few other topics for Marc and Cory to opine on. And finally, co-host Chuck Fort manages to show up to join in – better late than never!

Stick around at the end of the podcast for a bonus review by The Brit and the 2 John’s, John Bitterman and John Karwoski, as they open a bottle of Midnight Pig Imperial Stout, and we give it the true consumer test.

Brews sampled in this edition:
Apocalyptinator, German-style Doppelbock, 8.4%
Snitches Get Stiches, Robust Porter, 6.0%
Tumultuous, Imperial IPA, 8.8%
Barrel Project #1, Dark American Wild with Blueberries, 6.9%

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