Pubcast 278 – Corridor 55 Special Release #6 – Skeleton Key Brewery

It was the first night of ‘extra hours’ for Skeleton Key, who now are open every Tuesday, and the Brit and Yankee podcast was honored to be their first night attraction. And we use the word ‘attraction’ with reserve if you have seen the podcast staff! Sometimes you record a podcast that was a ton o’ fun, and this was one of them!

Joining series producer, Kevin Herbst, and The Landlord are the panel guests and brewing trinity from SKB, head brewer John Szapo, and owners Paul and Emily Slayton.

And in front of a full house we expose Skeleton Key’s view on craft beer, their community  associations, we learn about some brewing nuances, and we get to  taste great brews.  Listen in and hear from the folks who are your hosts for a visit to this wonderful Woodridge brewery, and hear first hand on what they listen to, what they stream, and hear about future events like ‘Fermentation Fest’ – WTF!

Flagship Beer: 
Migratory, Toasted Coconut Golden Ale, ABV 5.3%
Showcase Beer:
7th Evil Ex, Schwarzbier. 5.5% ABV
Inspiration Beer:
Flitterwochen, Kolsch, inspired by people who want to be home brewers and take it to the next level
Chain Beer:
We would have Metal Monkey, but the brewing staff fell ill, so we subbed in another SKB brew!
Little Hoarse, Berliner Weisse, 4.0% ABV

Play the show from the Podbean player, or our player below…

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