Pubcast 280 – Evil Horse Brewing

This week, The Brit, Phil Clark, and The Yankee, Mike ‘Lingo’ Lingafelter, take a trip to Crete IL, and meet up with head brewer Steve Kamp from Evil Horse Brewing. We sat down in the expansive taproom with both Steve and his wife, Amy, to talk about Evil Horse, Steve’s background, and the historic building the brewery is located in.

We taste a sample of their brews that Steve selected, but The Brit had a special request to include one that is on the B & Y top ten brews to try, and we hear the correct pronunciation of the name. After our interview, we also enjoyed a pint of their American porter, Paxon the Ponyless, and we agree with Steve that chocolate notes are noticeable, but it proves to be a great all-year-round beer!

So, if you are looking for a nice destination brewery, with solid, mostly traditional style beers, you should head over to Evil Horse, and you won’t be disappointed!

Beers Reviewed:
Balmoral, Best Bitter (ESB), ABV 4%, 40 IBU
Sgt. Reckless, APA, ABV 5.5%, 45 IBU
Eyjafjallajökull, Russian Imperial Stout, ABV 12%, 98 IBU
Seggebruch, German-style Pilsner, ABV 5.6%, 44 IBU

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