Pubcast 286 – Avery 25

This year sees the 25th Anniversary of one of the larger craft brewers, Avery Brewing from Boulder , Colorado. The Brit visited their location back in January and brought back 3 of their ‘Brewery Only’ barrel-aged brews, and when they released their anniversary offering, he knew that we had to gather together a panel and record an Avery show.

Our panel of tasters includes 2 brewers, Ken McMullen from Hopvine, and Chuck Fort from Church Street. John Karwoski, ex-tavern owner joins The Brit, Phil Clark, and The Yankee, Mike Lingafelter for the consumer perspective.

We learn about Avery and how it started, but of course there’s plenty of other pub chat on a variety of topics, including whether the stake that Modelo has in their brewery is a good thing or a bad thing. We conclude that their beers are pretty good, but the brewery-only brews, whereas being unusual and well-made, are not always taste-stunners. We’ve avoided the ‘big beers’ that Avery is known for in this show, and tried to focus on the smaller ABV offerings, but alas a couple of big boys have crept in!

A slight correction to a statement we made on the podcast: It is not Modelo that has a stake in Avery Brewing, it is Mahou San Miguel. We apologize but really don’t care!!

Brews Reviewed:
Ginger Sour, BA Sour with Ginger, ABV 6.0%
Raspberry Sour, BA Sour, ABV 6.5%
Nox Repasado, BA Dark sour ale, ABV 6.9%
Scarlata Cucumis, BA Blonde Sour Ale, ABV 5.4%
Flavus Cattus, BA Blonde Ale, ABV 15.6%
Twenty-Five, Oak Aged Dark Ale, ABV 14.5%
Bonus Beers:
Pum(KY)n, BA Pumpkin Porter, ABV 17.22%
El Gose, German Sour ale with lime and salt, 4.5% ABV

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