Pubcast 287 – New Oberpfalz Brewing

Every year the podcast arranges a brewbus tour where we visit 3-4 craft breweries we feel should be on people’s radar. This year we are heading just over the border to Griffith, Indiana, where there are 3 breweries that are receiving some attention in the craft media. The Brit took a trip down there ahead of the scheduled bus trip, joined by his wife, the lovely Kimberlee, and they recorded interviews with three of the brewer/owners for each location.

In this edition, we speak with New Oberpfalz’s Dan Lehnerer, who talked about his roots, how he came to start the brewery, and what the future holds for his brand, and why he doesn’t like cans. And of course we sample some of his brews, just so we can tell you if they’re good…and they are!

Play the show from the Podbean player, or our player below…

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