Pubcast 305 – Ike & Oak Brewing

Woodridge is the location of Ike & Oak, and specifically close to the Seven Bridges complex. About 5 weeks ago, the doors finally opened on a brewery that was much anticipated due to the grain silo that prominently marked the location of this venture.

The Brit, Phil Clark, and guest co-host Ken McMullen from Hopvine, arrived early on the Saturday of the St. Patrick’s weekend and found owner Ed Randquest opening up the doors. Then a black jeep pulled up and brewmaster, Nathan Tertell, headed in to face the mics and questions of the podcast crew.

Despite the early hour, brews needed to be sampled while we chatted about this new brewery and restaurant, which has been playing to packed tables and tap rooms ever since day one. Is it the food, the beer, or a combo of both that seems to be attracting craft beer lovers and families the same? As we chatted, we found it was a top class chef for one, and a top class brewer for the other, joined by the vision of host Ed.

In our first segment, Ed talks about the origins of the name and how they developed their menu to be a little different to just another ‘burger and beer’ menu. Then Nathan chimes in the second segment with his background and impressive brewing pedigree, and we talk about some of his styles of brewing, and of course we find out that hazy NE IPAs are a best-seller and we discuss why. The Brit did try the Hopper Dropper IPA after the recording and if you want a great, medium body IPA, then thsi is his recommendation.

It just works, and its winning new punters every day. Join us as we find out the story of Ike & Oak, and then experience it for yourself.

The Brews we sampled:

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