Pubcast 316 – BUG Reports: Oswego, Riverlands, Energy City

Day 5, and the Garfield Conservatory and grounds are now packed with attendees, but we’re still finding the stars of Chicago brewing. Today we talk with Marc Wilson ahead of the Oswego Brewing first anniversary and we get a sneak peak of their anniversary brew, Daguerreotype, and a clean-shaven Cory Davidson from Miskatonic astounds everybody as they don’t recognize him.

Then it is over to Riverlands booth, and The Brit tries to chat with brewer and Tottenham supporter Dave Marck, but co-host Ken McMullen decides to give us both a lesson hazy IPA production!

And last in this edition, it’s a chat with David Files from Energy City, who are probably the most well-known of the Hazy IPA producers, and we talk about why that is, and The Brit tries one of their brews with a new adjunct, cardamon. By now it is really busy, so the crowd noise is ever-present!

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