Pubcast 317 – BUG Reports: MyGrain, Sketchbook, Goose Island

This is the final report from the Beer Under Glass festival that started the Craft Beer Week here in Chicago, and the sampling is taking it’s toll on The Brit! Despite that, the team manage to keep him pointing the mic in the direction of brewers, and in this edition we first head out to the further reaches of the park, and find Dan Rosenberg from MyGrain Brewing.  As always he brings beers to  sample that are based on the classics, and taste amazing.

We get attacked by our next interviewee, Sean Curry, one of the co-founders at Sketchbook, who are sharing a booth with Dan, so we have to head over there and find out about the expansion plans for them. Plus there’s a Mexican Lager on hand to sample.

Our final segment is back in the conservatory and at the Goose Island booth, where brewer Dan Floyd is kind enough to step back from his pouring duties and provide his views on their place in craft beer and talk about some of their classics.

We had a great time there, it’s a recommended festival for next year, where the Illinois Craft Brewer’s Guild can showcase some of their best and newest breweries. Drink Illinois!

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