Pubcast 324 – O Canada, Do We Like Your Beer?

This week’s show is back in the pub studios and The Brit is joined by two brewers from the western suburbs, TJ from Church Street Brewing in Itasca, and Eric Bramwell from Riverlands Brewing in St. Charles. Rounding out the panel is retired tavern-owner, John Karwoski. We swore we’d never do a marathon show, and we try to aim for about an hour or less, but this week, with the two brewers on-hand, we have an extended pubcast…so we have added timings, so you can skip to the brew you want to hear us talk about.
And it is a bittersweet occasion, as it is the last time TJ will be a regular guest on the show! He is off to Colorado to be head brewer at one of the Tivoli Brewing locations in Denver, but on the plus side it is the first time that Eric has joined us, and hopefully it won’t be the last!

On a recent vacation, The Brit headed out to Ontario and stopped by one of their many Beer Store’s to pick up a mixed bag of Canadian brews, plus a couple he picked up in breweries on the way. We hoped it was a variety of styles, but there seems to be a golden ale theme to a lot of them, which is a very popular style over the border.

As we work our way through the brews, there’s lots of brewer and pub chat, and we try ot determine how to pronounce Kveik, almost get a hazy ale that want to be a lager or may the reverse, congratulate TJ and Church Street on their Illinois Beer Festival medals, and hear how fruit beer can be added to beers. With these guys in the house, it’s worth listening across a couple of days! We promise we’ll get back to the shorter shows next time!

Beers Sampled and Show Timings:

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