Pubcast 316 – BUG Reports: Oswego, Riverlands, Energy City

Day 5, and the Garfield Conservatory and grounds are now packed with attendees, but we’re still finding the stars of Chicago brewing. Today we talk with Marc Wilson ahead of the Oswego Brewing first anniversary and we get a sneak peak of their anniversary brew, Daguerreotype, and a clean-shaven Cory Davidson from Miskatonic astounds everybody as they don’t recognize him.

Then it is over to Riverlands booth, and The Brit tries to chat with brewer and Tottenham supporter Dave Marck, but co-host Ken McMullen decides to give us both a lesson hazy IPA production!

And last in this edition, it’s a chat with David Files from Energy City, who are probably the most well-known of the Hazy IPA producers, and we talk about why that is, and The Brit tries one of their brews with a new adjunct, cardamon. By now it is really busy, so the crowd noise is ever-present!

Pubcast 315 – BUG Reports: Open Outcry, Noon Whistle, Metal Monkey

Day 4 of our CCBW reports from the Beer Under Glass festival, and this time The Brit tracks down Wil Turner from Open Outcry, who brings a cream ale and a hazy IPA, and we find out he is a Hammers supporter, and about his English and European brewing roots. 

After that we pass the Noon Whistle booth and tap up brewer Paul Klein to check in on their expansion progress, and we sample a non-hazy member of their Hop Prism line, Ken tries the Fuzzy Smack, and Chuck has the regular IPA.

Last on this edition, we chat with Dan Camp from Metal Monkey, and for one of their beers they were randalling their flagship Asmodeus with cocoa nibs, chilli peppers and cinnamon sticks. Dan also reveals that their hazy IPA could have been called Jucifer, but Church Street pipped them at the beer name post!

Pubcast 314 – BUG Reports: Flesk, Tribes, Around The Bend

Day 3 of our CCBW reports from the Beer Under Glass festival, and here we chat with James O’Brian from Flesk Brewing and sample their offerings, one of which is actually a milkshake IPA that The Brit enjoyed. Then, the tallest man in Chicago brewing, Chet Brett from Tribes Beer Co, jumps in to tell us about their offerings. Finally, Dan Schedler, founder of Around The Bend, talks about the District Brew Yards location and we sample their Black Forest and Extra Circus Brut IPA.

Pubcast 313 – BUG Reports: Church Street, Werk Force and Motor Row

Day 2 of our CCBW reports, as co-host Ken McMullen joins me in that search and to help set the scene for a great festival. and in this one we hit Church Street Brewing with head brewer and friend of the show, TJ Bachorz. There’s a discussion on how to make hazy IPAs, which seems to be the biggest trend in beer right now. Jamie Albert from Will County stops by and joins our chat.

Then we find Brandon Wright from Werk Force Brewing, who was chatting with Frank Lassandrello from Motor Row Brewing. We find out that he brought a special “BUG’ beer which we definitely need to taste. We’re also searching for my other co-host, Chuck Fort, who is wandering the grounds somewhere, and we finally catch up with him at the Werk Force booth where we pass judgement on their ‘BUG’ beer, Umbrella Not Included. And finally, we talk with Frank over at the Motor Row booth and taste his Sour Batch IIPL.