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  1. In the end personal taste must rule: I like a nembur of commercial (large-brewery) beers, and named some. I don’t like others, probably 90% of the total but amongst the 10% are beers that are truly excellent IMO. The same applies to the craft beer segment except there stability is more of an issue since these products are largely unpasteurized.But once again we are in the realm of personal taste, and as a bartender reminded me recently, “that is why there are so many beers out there”.I have been drinking Urquell since about 1975 and find it essentially the same as back then. Other beers strike me as different, e.g., Michelob (despite returning to all-malt some years ago), or Tuborg, say.The small craft breweries in the U.K. make great real ales in many cases, no question. But large breweries did the same for many years too, if they do not know, that is because the structure of the market changed. Director’s and Ind Coope Burton were great beers when I drank them about 15 years ago and were made by large concerns. I assume they are still available but am not sure who makes them today.Fuller’s is a great company and its family ownership does tend to encourage high quality, but of course it operates rather beyond a craft scale. Young’s beers were a similar example (I haven’t tried them under the Charles Wells aegis).GaryGary

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