Pubcast 180 Pt 1 – Naperville Winterfest 2016

If you attended the Naperville Winterfest, held last weekend (2/27/2016), then you probably tasted some awesome brews, but didn’t get to chat to the brewers.
Don’t worry – we did it for you! Mark Naski and Phil Clark report from one of the first alefests of the year, on a day when winter took a holiday!
This is part one of two reports, and to help you listen to the interviews you want to hear, here is the handy timeline of the brewers and personalities we talked with.  Enjoy!

00:00 – 00:00   Introductions
06:00 – 09:52 Urban Legend, TJ Hagen
09:52 – 15:00   Scorched Earth, Mike Dallas
15:00 – 23:00 Banging Gavel, Walter Ornelas
23:00 – 28:00 Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, Church Street, Chet Brett
28:00 – 35:00 Werkforce, Brandon Wright
35:00 – 41:30 Alter, Mark Hedrick
41:30 – 49:35 Lou Dog Productions, Josh Seago
49:35 – End Outro

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