The Fin – Brewmaster

Mark Naski – Brewmaster

Mark Naski joined the Pubcast to provide his insight and knowledge, and ensure the boys had a good supply of freshly brewed beer!

Mark is a National level Certified Beer Judge, and has been associated with beer and brewing for over 40 years.  He has traveled extensively in Europe, visiting many of the well-known breweries and forming friendships with the brewers, while learning the art of brewing along the way.  His native homeland of Finland has given us Sahti and many NHL players.

He recently worked with Church Street Brewery to help them perfect the award-winning Heavenly Helles Lager, and also their Itascafest Marzen.

In early 2018 he left Illinois to take up residence in Idaho, but makes frequent trips back to the Pub, and always brings us plenty of new brews from across the USA.

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