Pubcast 226 – Arundel Brewery, West Sussex, UK

This edition is a report from the UK that Phil recorded on his recent trip to his homeland. Being a ‘southerner’, he visited a couple of breweries located in the counties of West and East Sussex, on the off-chance that the brewer may be able to chat.  Arundel Brewery came up trumps!

Arundel Brewery, is located in the village of Ford, adjacent to the town of Arundel.   This quaint, historical town is famous for having an archetypal English castle and is quite the tourist destination in the summer.  Ford was a WWII air-base at one time and is now an industrial park, which has become the home for Arundel Brewery.I was lucky enough to get some of heard brewer Branden Quinn’s time, while in the background his assistant brewer’s slaved over a brew cycle. Branden gives us a fascinating insight into the new UK craft beer scene, and talks about the history of Arundel Brewery and some of the styles they are producing now. He talks collabs, and we sample a smoked porter which is an exceptional brew having subtle smokiness to start, and finishing with a true porter flavor and mouth-feel.

We will be trying a few samples from the UK in future shows and comparing their flavors and characteristics, so watch out for those shows.

Play the show from our player below, or from SoundCloud…

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