Pubcast 199-2 In Absentia – Instant Brew Reviews

Another week of vacation time for the staff of the Brit and Yankee, and we continue to fill in with a couple of short shows of Instant Brew Reviews.  Mark and Phil come across a variety of brews on their travels, and we’d like to share them with you, and give you our opinions and comments on them.  If you come across them as well, drop us a line at and we’d like to hear your thoughts as well.  Cheers!

This edition, a couple of beers from Lincoln, NE.

Blueblood Brewing Co., 925 Robbers Cave Road, Lincoln, NE 68502
Kompagnon Kolsch,  ABV: 4.2%   IBU: 15
Brewery description: Pronounced like “Companion” and German for ‘Buddy’ or ‘Pal’, this German style ale was brewed by one of our investors with a strong German background (come on, his name is Stortenbecker).  It follows the German Purity Law – Reinheitsgebot and is a tribute to man’s best crime fighting buddy, the K-9.  Enjoy a nice clean, light bready sweetness with a crisp hint of citrus on the finish.
Grains: 2- Row, Wheat, Hops: Hallerfauer Mittelfrueh

Zipline Brewing Co., 2100 Magnum Circle, Ste 1, Lincoln, NE 68522
Copper Alt, ABV 5.2%,  26 IBUs
Brewery Description:  2015 GREAT AMERICAN BEER FESTIVAL® · GOLD MEDAL · GERMAN-STYLE ALTBIER.  A hybrid style between an ale and a lager, this bronze-hued brew goes down easy with subtle nuances of chocolate and hazelnut.

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