Hops At Home: Ep. 16 – Mike Marr, Buffalo Creek Brewing

North of the Brit & Yankee studios, in the village of Long Grove, is a brewery that has injected new life into a dying economy. Buffalo Creek Brewing, named after the creek that runs behind it, is run by Mike Marr, the owner/brewer, along with his partner in the business, Josh Czarnik. Opened in 2017, Mike has been responsible for bringing the Long Grove beer festival to fruition, but alas the Covid-19 pandemic brought a halt to holding it this year, in late in late April.

Mike joined Ken, Jay, and The Brit for a virtual beer from his home, and as you will see, he has mastered the art of a virtual background. In this episode, we hear from Mike about his beers, his carpentry skills, and his efforts to help other affected businesses by pulling together Long Grove Survival Kits. Grab a brew and check it out. Oh, and Ken has a special guest, ‘whoo’ we won’t say! Cheers!

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