Hops At Home: Ep. 20 – Chet Brett, Brewing Kindness

To start off another week where we can’t get out to have a beer in person with our chums, we are having a virtual beer with someone who is well-known in the craft beer industry, Chet Brett. Colloquially known as ‘the tallest man’ in craft beer, you will probably see Chet at most of the major beer fests, but in this videocast we track him down to his home office and find out about his latest project, Brewing Kindness.

Still in it’s early days, this project seeks to team up breweries with local charities, and Chet is aiming to spread this across the country. As usual, the Hops at Home team of The Brit, Jay, and Ken enjoy a virtual brew with Chet as we talk to him about this project, find out how it works, check out his beer fridge, and discover that Chet is NOT his real name! Cheers!

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