Hops Outside: Ep. 24 – Art History Brewing

This episode marks a change to our lock-down status as of Friday, May 29, Illinois has opened up for outside dining, including service in brewery patios and beer gardens. So, the crew at the Brit and Yankee decided we should change our name from Hops At Home to Hops Outside in celebration of better times to come! We also made this edition a video-cast AND extended out our interview for an audio podcast…the first one since the beginning of March. And to celebrate this, what better than to make a visit to the newest brewery in the Fox River valley area, Art History Brewing in Geneva, IL.

Opened only 2 weeks ago at the time of recording, we checked in with owner Tom Rau, and head brewer Greg Browne to find out what you can expect if head out to pay them a visit. What we found was that they really like the classic styles and are going to be trying to show the Western suburbs how a great Czech-style brew is made, and served. It’s all about wet foam folks!

Brewer Greg has a great  pedigree and has been part of the Midwest craft beer scene since the early nineties. An ex-pat Aussie, he seems to know his way around a mash tun! Tom Rau takes us on a tour of AHB which is included in the video version of our show, and then we continue the conversation in our audio podcast.

Brews Sampled:

  • Good Morning Munich, Bavarian-style Helles, 5.2% ABV
  • Avenue of Giants, West Coast IPA, 7.3% ABV
  • Lincoln Highway, APA, 5.8% ABV

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