Pubcast 250.1 Barleywine Classic Addendum

During our last show, we were contacted by friends of the show, Tim and Tom Stephenson who offered to let us taste their collection of Sierra Nevada Barleywines, which ranged back to 2010, and included a 2015 barrel-aged version.

The crew gathered together and decided that we should just try the 2010, and compare it to the one we tasted in our last show (2016), and see if indeed the flavors change and the brew matures. We even got some ‘foam art’ from one of the pours!

This mid-week special edition was recorded just after we recorded out next show due out this weekend, and we have the entire staff of the Brit and Yankee Pub, including the ‘Yankee’, passing opinions and coming to the conclusion that it is indeed worth aging this classic barleywine. So, start collecting them now folks!

Play the show from our player below, or from SoundCloud…

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