Pubcast 279 – Introducing Kraft to Craft

A slightly different episode this week, and recorded very much on the spur-of-the-moment. The Brit heads out to the pub deck, and sits down with his buddy and also remodeling contractor, Pete Kraft, to see if working at the Brit and Yankee pub these past few months on various projects and enjoying an after-hours brew from time-to-time, has influenced him to drink local craft offerings.

Pete was very much a Leinenkugel Shandy drinker in the past, and The Brit has introduced him to many local and Midwest brews to see if he can train his palette in a different direction. This week, as the projects come to an end, Pete visited a local Binny’s and selected a couple of craft brews to reciprocate with.  Although not Illinois brews, Pete selected based on his tastes and we get one selection from a well-established Colorado brewery and one from a Wisconsin craft brewery with a great reputation.

Hear this conversation and then decide if The Brit has been successful in promoting craft beer, and if there is now another convert to better beer!

If you need remodeling done then call Pete at Kraftwork – 847-878-9811

Beers Tasted:
Left Hand Brewing, Longmont CO – Nitro Milk Stout, ABV 6%
Central Waters Brewing, Amherst WI, Cassian Sunset, BBA Imperial Stout with coffee, vanilla beans and cinnamon, ABV 10.5%

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