Pubcast 281 – Reeling In The Years: Cellar Beers!

In this edition, friends of the show, Tim and Tom Stephenson bring over a selection  of cellar beers from their vast collection. We wanted to have them select a variety of styles but also include comparison years from a single vertical.

I called in a few ex-John’s Tavern punters, Jon Harlson and John Karwoski, with The Yankee, Lingo joining us mid-recording.  We embark on a trip through time, and what did we learn?  Were the beers worth keeping? Is there a finite time-frame within which you should crack it open and enjoy?

We do get a variety of opinions on the beer from no carbonation to cardboard, to disappointing and weak, to freaking over-the-top. Listen in and then take note that beers are meant to be drunk in a finite period, so don’t over-cellar and the ‘best by’ dates are meant to be adhered to in most cases!  And we culminate the show with one of the strongest beers we have tasted, and to quote John K, “…it will make your nose hairs curl!”

Beers Reviewed:
New Holland Brewing
Envious, 2010, Ale brewed with pear juice with raspberries added, aged in oak – 7.5% ABV

Left Hand Brewing Co
Imperial Stout 2007 Aged in Oak Barrels – 10.4% ABV
Imperial Stout 2009, Aged in Brandy Barrels – 10.2% ABV

Firestone Walker
Double DBA, Barrel aged Imperial special bitter, 2012 – 12% ABV
Velvet Merkin, Barrel aged Oatmeal Stout, 2013 – 8.5% ABV

Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Uber Imperial Stout, 2009, 32% ABV

Our summary, Left Hand IP 2009 seems to have aged the best, with a second place vote for the Penguin!

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