Pubcast 293 – Real Ales and Engines

The week after FOBAB ended, and everyone was reeling from those high ABV barrel-aged beers, an event was held at Iron & Glass Tap Room and Bottle Shop in Romeoville, that provided beers at the other end of the spectrum. Travis Beard from Ugly Trucking teamed up with Ken McMullen and Kevin Herbst to invite 6 local breweries to provide a pin of their take on cask-conditioned real ale. Three hand pulls were put into service, two of which were donated to the cause by the Brit and Yankee podcast. The other three pins were simple gravity taps.

The breweries who participated were Hopvine, Oswego, Metal Monkey, Pollyanna, Miskatonic, and Werk Force. On hand to talk about their beers were Ken McMullen, Chris Heinen, Dan Camp and Jason Janes, Ed Malnar, TJ Hagen, and Brandon Wright from the above breweries respectively. And Brandon has a surprise about his scotch ale offering, where’s he’s thrown everyone a curve ball!

This podcast features interviews with them all, and we hear what they brought and why, and their thoughts on this new-to-the-US approach to craft beer. Also, some news on new beers to come at Roselare and Werk Force!

Brews On Tap:
Hopvine, Aurora IL, Strong Bitter – Extra Special, 6.0% ABV
Werk Force, Plainfield IL, Welcome to I-80 – Scottish Ale, 6.3% ABV
Metal Monkey, Romeoville IL, Fantasy Bowling League – Kolsch, 4.6% ABV
Oswego Brewing, Oswego IL, Frozen Fields – English Porter, 5.8% ABV
Pollyanna, Lemont IL, Cranberry Orange Allure – Berliner Weisse, 4.6% ABV
Miskatonic, Darien IL, Shield Maiden (Cask) – APA, 5.5% ABV

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