Pubcast 294 – Joe Tota: Red Arrow Tap Room

This week’s episode is something a little different as we’re not at a brewery or down in the pub, but we are visiting with Joe Tota, owner and founder of the Red Arrow Taprooms. Ken McMullen from Hopvine joins The Brit at the Naperville location, where we sat down with Joe to find out how this self-serve taproom works, and what people can expect if they stop by to try it out. Apparently The Brit had some problems with his microphone, but Joe and Ken’s are fine, so that’s all that matters!

As we sit and chat, we cover a lot of topics, and how these establishments are impacting the craft beer scene, and making it easy for new breweries to self-distribute and get their beers to people outside of their own brewery taprooms. Check out our podcast and then take a trip to one of their locations and try it for yourself. Cheers!

Play the show from the Podbean player, or our player below…

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