Pubcast 296 – Central IL Brews Pt.2 & Christmas Cheer!

This week we have part 2 of our show reviewing Central Illinois brews, and as with last week, we have a distinguished panel comprising 2 brewers and 2 consumers. From Church Street Brewing we welcome FOBAB medal winning brewers TJ Bachorz and Chuck Fort, and from Hopvine, Ken McMullen. Then we have ex-tavern owner, John Karwoski, and last but certainly not least, is friend of the show and supplier of tonight’s brews, Deb Piscola.

We continue our trip and visit Savoy and Bloomington, and then take a detour to southern Illinois and Murphysboro.  Listen in and hear the panel’s thoughts on the brews, plus comments on why milkshake IPAs are good business, if it is a beer for the millenial generation, how The Brit can’t figure out the French word for cinnamon even though it is on the label of the bottle, and why the SIU Saluki dog isn’t a wimpy dog at all!

Our final segment sees the panel sampling the FOBAB medal winning Holy Moly! and hear about how it was produced from TJ and Chuck. Plus we round up which of the brews we enjoyed the most from our two shows.

Then The Brit actually heads over to Church Street in Itasca for the traditional Christmas toast with Anchor Steam’s 2018 Christmas Ale offering. This is the 44th year it has been produced so they should know what they are doing by now!

And finally, as we always do, we add on the Brit and Yankee’s rendition of The Night Before Christmas, just to get you all into the Christmas spirit. We’ll see you after our holiday break with more craft beer and brewery episodes. Happy Christmas and New Year to all our listeners! Cheers!

Brews Reviewed:

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