Pubcast 365 – In Memoriam – Mark Naski, our friend

We are rebroadcasting a show first recorded back in 2012, from the early days of our podcast. This episode was recorded before The Brit persuaded ex-pat Fin, Mark Naski, to join as co-host, and features Lingo and The Brit getting a beer appreciation lesson from him. We really didn’t know anything about beer before Mark came around (and some people say we still don’t!), and his schooling helped us be more knowledgeable about craft beer and brewing, and developed the podcast to become a little more than just two guys drinking beer.

Soon after this recording, we persuaded Mark joined us as our ‘Brewmaster’ and give his technical expertise to the show. We have created a video version of this show which has many of our favorite pictures of Mark, and this is the way we want to remember him. He was a generous man with his beer, his food, and his knowledge. He was our friend, and a friend to many others across the Midwest.

A couple of years ago, Mark moved out to Boise, Idaho, and immediately made an impact to their burgeoning craft beer market. You can check out our series of 5 episodes which he brokered for us, with breweries in Boise, on our YouTube channel.

His loss will be felt for sometime, but we know he is in the big brewery in the sky that never closes, and he has left behind a lasting legacy for all those who knew him. He was one of those people who you were glad he was in your life, and our thoughts are with his wife Tiina and all of his family.

Kippis Mark!

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